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A hammertoe, or claw toe, describes a condition where the toe(s) become buckled, contracted or crooked. The toe could even cross over an adjacent toe, which is called a cross over toe. Any of the toes may be affected, but the 2nd and 5th toe are most commonly involved.

Patients with hammertoe(s) may develop pain on the top of the toe(s), tip of the toe, and/or on the ball of the foot. Excessive pressure from shoes may result in the formation of a hardened portion of skin (corn or callus) on the knuckle and/or ball of the foot. Some people may not recognize that they have a hammertoe, rather they identity the excess skin build-up of a corn. The toe(s) may become irritated, red, warm, and/or swollen. The pain may be dull and mild or severe and sharp. Pain is often made worse by shoes, especially shoes that crowd the toes. While some hammertoes may result in significant pain, others may not be painful at all. Painful toes can prevent you from wearing stylish shoes.

The basis for hammertoe surgery most often involves removing a portion of bone within the toe, to reduce the joint contracture. Depending on the direction the toe is deviated, soft tissue procedures may be necessary along with and internal implant. Dr. Khadavi performs the procedure in an aesthetic manner, so the patient has a beautiful and natural appearance following surgery. 





What is a HammerToe?

A hammertoe occurs when the muscles and ligaments around your toe joint become imbalanced. This forces the middle joint of your toe to buckle. You’re most likely to see hammertoe in your middle three toes. Toes that curl are also considered hammertoes.

What Causes a Hammer Toe?
  • Certain shoes - High-heels that are too tight are often to blame
  • A previous toe injury in which the toe never properly healed
  • Overusing your big toe with repetitive movements from sports can also cause hammertoes
  • Gout
What are Symptoms of Hammertoe?
  • Pain while wearing shoes
  • Inflammation
  • Redness or a burning sensation
  • Contracture of the toe
How do I Know that I Need Hammer Toe Surgery?

If hammertoes become stiff, painful and limit activity, surgery may be the next best option.



Are you looking to treat your hammertoe, but aren’t sure if hammertoe surgery is the right treatment for you? Tell us more about yourself and someone will get back to you to schedule your consultation. Thanks for reaching out to TRU FOOT & ANKLE®!


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